Ferretome - Ferret brain connectivity database

a database of anatomic connections and architectonic features of the ferret brain

The main goals of this database are:

  • to assemble structural information on the ferret brain that is currently widely distributed in the literature or in in-house laboratory databases into single resource which is open to the scientific community;
  • to create techniques for the representation of quantitative and raw data;
  • to expand existing database ontologies in order to accommodate further neuroarchitecture information for identifying essential relations between brain structure and connections.

See Sukhinin DI, Engel AK, Manger P, Hilgetag CC (2016) Building the ferretome. Front Neuroinform 10:16 for a detailed description of the project.

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New studies of occipital, parietal and temporal thalamo-cortical connections

Posted by Claus Hilgetag on 2019-03-12

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